Our Company

The Company - International Gold Bunker Oil

Gold Bunker Oil provides vessel bunkering services and provision with fuel, engine oil and other auxiliary process fluids in located Canary Islands, Spain, Gibraltar and all ports in West Africa.

Gold Bunker Oil is founded and supported by professionals with extensive experience in land and sea ship services. Our company provides advanced technical solutions, excellent product quality and competitive prices compared to competitors.

The global trends in environmental conservation and protection are especially important to us. To achieve the goals set by the global community to reduce harm and emissions into the environment, our company constantly monitors the market and looks for alternative products that are less harmful to the environment.

We also comply with all laws and regulations of world maritime legislation and EU laws and observe anti-corruption and violations rules in the maritime business.

Every month our company serves various types of vessels: tankers, cruise ships, yachts, fishing vessels, offshore platforms, etc.

Gold Bunker Oil is your reliable business partner in the marine and shipping fuel industry.